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Battery Storage

If your solar PV system produces more electricity than you use then battery storage may well be a viable solution to store and use your solar PV generated electricity. Using this stored electricity at other times will optimise your consumption and lessen the requirement to buy electricity.

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Quality and Efficiency

Quality and efficiency are such important factors and they should not be ignored. With SOLARWATT battery units quality and efficiency have been at the forefront of their design. With industry leading safety, the highest quality lithium batteries and an excellent control.

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Quality and Efficiency - Energy Solar & Storage Ltd.
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Whether installing as part of a new and complete solar PV system or adding battery Storage to your existing solar PV installation the SOLARWATT Command 25 Battery Storage system is ideal. Ranging from 2.4kWh to 72kWh there will be a solution and capacity to suit your requirements in both domestic and commercial settings.

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